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NEWS ROUNDUP: GMCA joins FutureDotNow to tackle digital skills gap


1. St Andrew’s CE Primary School’s Headteacher has urged parents to follow the rules on isolation after pupils who were supposed to be at home were seen outside school. The school in Eccles had to send home it’s Year 2 class until May 6 after a pupil tested positive for Covid.

In a letter to parents on Thursday, headteacher Joanne Bladen-Kay said: "One of the children in the Y2 class has tested positive for Covid. As a result, Y2 children are isolating at home and can return on the 6th May...Please can we ask that Y2 children isolate at home. Staff have seen Y2 children outside school before and after school when they should be isolating at home."

2. Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) has joined FutureDotNow, a new coalition of major organisations working together to close the UK’s workplace digital skills gap.

A grant of £1.5m has been distributed to the 10 Greater Manchester local authorities to address local barriers to digital inclusion and provide residents with the digital kit needed to get online.

FutureDotNow is bringing together organisations from across the UK including Accenture, BT, M&S and Nationwide Building Society to tackle the growing digital skills gap by coordinating industry action to get working-age adults across the UK equipped with, at least, the essential digital skills (EDS) for life and work.

The UK is currently in the midst of a digital skill crisis, research shows that 17 million people are without the EDS for work and only 23% have had any digital skills training from their employer.

Tackling the digital skills shortage is part of the wider work of GMCA through the Digital Inclusion Agenda for Change for Greater Manchester.

3. Motorists have been found to be taking advantage of an apparently free parking space between two dual carriageways under the Mancunian Way fly-over.

Manchester City Council said it "strongly discourages" drivers from using the spot, which is intended for maintenance staff.

The land was created after roadworks were carried out on the Princess Road and Medlock Street roundabout in 2019.

The BBC discovered that the spot is classed neither as a carriageway nor a pavement but remains the council's responsibility.

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