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WALKING ROUTES: The Ramblers launch walking manifesto to bring nature closer to people 


The Ramblers Charity are urging Greater Manchester’s next mayor to create a network of walking routes for everyone to enjoy. The call comes as Britain’s largest walking charity launches a manifesto outlining its vision for enabling Greater Manchester’s people to access nature in their daily lives. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has for many been a time where going for a walk has brought both health and happiness, with a growing number of people spending more time outdoors.

The Ramblers is hoping to carry on this trend as we emerge from lockdown. The charity has called for green walking routes to be created in every Greater Manchester borough.

Their mission is to bring nature closer to people with a goal of getting the city region’s nine mayoral candidates to back their plans.

The recent Greater Manchester Combined Authority report on the natural environment showed that only 44% of people live within a five-minute walk of a park or green space. Many are put off from visiting green spaces by heavily trafficked roads, not knowing where to go or other barriers. That’s why the charity believe a new green route for all ten Greater Manchester boroughs is vital at this time.

The walking charity said that more needs to be done to ensure that the benefits of green space and walking routes are available to all citizens.

Margaret Manning is the Chair of the Ramblers Greater Manchester and High Peak Area, she believes that having these green walking routes provides many benefits.

She said: “We have made a good start in Greater Manchester with the Bee Network, but we need to do more to ensure that the benefits of green space and walking routes are available to all citizens.

“We can point to examples like the Manchester Green Trail and the Salford Trail to show what local Ramblers groups can achieve.

“The next Mayor of Greater Manchester will have the responsibility to really build on the early successes of Made to Move and to create a network of green routes that provide opportunities not just for every day journeys but to enable people to connect with green spaces for enjoyment, health and wellbeing.”  

The Ramblers is calling for voters to take action to support their vision by writing to their chosen mayoral candidate and asking them to sign up to the Ramblers’ manifesto. Information about how to do this can be found at  

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