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BAKING GIANTS: Warburtons refused permission for new boiler house

BAKING GIANTS: Warburtons refused permission for new boiler house

Warburtons have grown to be the largest bakery brand in the UK, Image: LDRS

Baking giants Warburtons has had plans for a new boiler plant at its huge factory rejected as it would be built on parking spaces.

The firm applied for a change of use development certificate from Bolton Council to install the boiler technology and a 15 metre long service bridge within their premises at Britannia Way, Bolton.

However, Bolton Council have rejected the plans, saying ‘the proposed development is not compliant’ with planning regulations.

The firm has been been told it will need to apply for full planning permission in order for the project to go ahead.

Bolton based Warburtons have grown to be the largest bakery brand in the UK and produce more than two million products every day at their 11 bakeries, including Britannia Way.

In documents supporting the plans, Warburtons, said: “The existing boiler within the main fabric of the bakery buildings is reaching the end of its operational life and therefore Warburtons will be investing in a new system.

“It is the intention to purchase a ventilated containerised package plant room which will include two boilers, a vessel, water tank and other control and monitoring equipment.

“The container will be located in existing parking bays at the front of the bakery and new replacement parking bays will be provided.

“A short length of services bridge will be required to provide a route for gas, water and control cabling from the existing switch rooms to the container.

“The existing use of the site is parking for four cars.

“Use will cease when the container has been delivered.

“The new containerised plant room is small in size compared to the overall bakery site and is commensurate with the operations currently being carried out.

“Car parking spaces will not be affected and traffic movement within the site will be unaltered and therefore there will be no impact on the public highway.”

warburtons car park

Bolton Council rejected the plans, Image: LDRS

In a decision notice rejecting the application, Bolton Council said plan to grant a change of use certificate for the plans would not have been lawful under the Town and Country Planning Act, 1990.

The notice, added: “The proposed containerised package plant room and services bridge does not constitute permitted development, as the development would lead to a reduction in the space available for the parking of vehicles.”


Words: Chris Gee, Local Demcoracy Reporter

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