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CHRIS BOARDMAN: Greater Manchester’s first Transport Commissioner


The city-region’s former cycling and walking commissioner Chris Boardman has recently been appointed as Greater Manchester’s first Transport Commissioner.

The former British racing cyclist has been tasked with helping to accelerate the delivery of the Bee Network – a fully integrated transport system, including the roll-out of the UK’s largest cycling and walking network.

The appointment reflects the importance of establishing an integrated, affordable and accessible transport system for the city-region. Boardman will attend the newly established Bee Network delivery board, which meets weekly, to ensure that the city-region’s plans stay on track.

As part of his role as Transport Commissioner, Boardman will be in control of accelerating the delivery of a fully integrated transport system, including the roll-out of the UK’s largest cycling and walking network.

To help achieve Greater Manchester’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2038, Chris says it’s about providing viable alternatives.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, said: “I am very pleased that Chris Boardman has agreed to become Greater Manchester’s first Transport Commissioner – his work and drive to make our city-region a global player to rival great places such as Copenhagen and New York over the last three years has been inspirational and I know he will apply this same vision in his new job.”

He added: “I said on the very first day of my second term that we urgently need to get our buses working better for people across the city-region. That includes making sure that they are much more affordable, reliable and, most importantly, part of one single integrated ticketing system - as already happens in London. I want this in place as soon as possible and Greater Manchester’s Leaders and I will be asked next week to approve this important next step in our journey.”

TfGM has also today published results from new research which has found that more than half of the residents (54%) living in phase one of the city-region’s proposed cycle hire zone (which has an overall population of 198,000) would consider using the scheme when it launches. Currently, 13% of Greater Manchester’s residents cycle once a week, so the new figures show just how transformational the scheme is likely to be.

More widely, the survey revealed that 4 in 10 people living in or travelling to Greater Manchester would also consider using the scheme. Only 26% of current cycle trips in Greater Manchester are made by women, but of the women surveyed 45% said they will consider using the scheme.

The plan for electric bikes to make up a significant portion of the cycle hire offer also looks to be well founded, as 67% of those who would consider using the scheme said the inclusion of e-bikes would make them more likely to use it.

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