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COVID: Coronavirus cases has dropped by more than half in two boroughs in Greater Manchester


1. The number of coronavirus cases has dropped by more than half in two boroughs in Greater Manchester.

Latest figures by Public Health England show that the coronavirus infection rate is continuing to fall in all ten boroughs in the city-region.

Wigan has seen the biggest fall in cases, of 55 percent, with its rate now 321.6, according to the latest data from Public Health England.

Bolton currently has the lowest infection rate in the region and saw a fall of 51 percent - its rate is now 241.3.

The borough is now the only one in Greater Manchester to have a rate below the national average of 296.

2. Remains of Victorian homes and businesses have been discovered in Rochdale town's community dig as part of the restoration of the town hall.

Lead archaeologist Ashley Brogan said among the most exciting finds were ginger beer bottles from merchant Samuel Casson.

Basements and latrines from late 18th century houses on the street have also been uncovered. Heels from bootmakers and bones from butchers were also discovered.

3. A village for homeless people is set to be built in railway arches.

Plans to assemble 40 homes, a hall and a green space alongside the Bridgewater Canal in Manchester were approved by the city council last week.

Sid Williams, director of the homeless charity Embassy, said the scheme would provide daily support for the residents.

Embassy, who are running the project, said all residents would be interviewed and triaged before moving in.

Adding that the Castlefield site would have a strict zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy and the homes would be offered to those willing to take on new opportunities.

The charity said 85% of people living on streets are men so the scheme would be offered to them.

A spokesperson added that a project for women is being launched separately.

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