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MENTAL HEALTH: Are social media sites not supportive enough over trolling?

Social media sites have been called out over their handling of internet trolling


Former Love Island contestant Amy Hart said she has stopped reporting abusive comments to social media companies because she does not believe anything will be done.

The 29-year-old, a former air stewardess with British Airways, told an inquiry into influencer culture she did not believe sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were supportive enough when it came to trolling.

Appearing in front of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Hart recounted the abuse she regularly receives online and said she was surprised many of the abusive private messages sent to her did not breach the sites’ community guidelines.

She said: “I am desensitised but I would say that the (social media) networks are not supportive enough when it comes to trolling.

“I have reported some messages before and they come back saying, ‘We have looked at it and it doesn’t break community guidelines’ and I am like, ‘Look at that message!’

“Look at this barrage of messages someone has sent me before 7 o’clock in the morning telling me how much they hate me, how awful I am, why everyone hates me, how ugly I am.“

Cardiff based health influencer, Kate Jones, has made a huge following after starting her instagram page at the start of Wales’ first Covid-19 lockdown.

The 24-year-old expressed that, although she didn’t receive abuse, she did receive unsolicited explicit images from men online. Although she has reported this issue to the platform several times, nothing is being done to resolve it.

At present, Instagram has options whereby the user can block certain words and/or phrases from appearing within their comment and message sections. However, when content is reported the platform has suggested on multiple occasions that the content reported is not offensive.


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