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NATIONAL NEWS ROUNDUP: Parents warned about teens ‘getting carried away’ as schools return AND nappy tax could be introduced


Now it's time for an update on your latest national headlines including Gavin Williamson’s warning to parents before schools are back in session, reports that 700,000 vaccine records have errors, and rumours that a nappy tax could be introduced to cut back on single use plastic. 

First - the education secretary has warned parents of teenagers returning to the classroom to not let their children get carried away as covid restrictions are lifted. Gavin Williamson has asked parents to ensure their children are regularly testing as he believes they are more likely to listen to family than their teachers amid fears back to school season could drive a surge in covid cases in England and Wales.

Headteachers’ unions have warned that fewer mitigations this term could lead to rising infections among school-aged children, with one leader suggesting it is a “case of hit and hope” from the Government.

Schools and colleges in England no longer have to keep pupils in year group “bubbles” to reduce mixing, and face coverings are no longer advised.

Children do not have to isolate if they come into contact with a positive case of Covid-19. Instead, they will need to get a PCR test and isolate only if positive.

But all secondary school pupils are being invited to take two lateral flow device tests at school – three to five days apart – in England on their return to class.

Secondary schools and colleges are allowed to stagger the return of pupils across the first week to manage the Covid-19 asymptomatic testing process.

Next - more than seven hundred thousand vaccine records are wrong, according to reports. Some who have had two doses of the jab have reported they're unable to produce a covid pass using the NHS app due to errors with recording according to the telegraph newspaper.

And finally - it was thought that the cost of nappies for parents could be going up soon. A nappy tax was thought to have been debated in a bid to cut down on the UK's single use plastic consumption. Single use plastic plates, cutlery and polystyrene cups are also being considered for a ban in England to help reduce the amount of plastic in landfill.

Now though, Downing Street has flatly denied it will tax disposable nappies in order to encourage parents to use environmentally-friendly alternatives.

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