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SUN CARE: Dermatologists warning people to project their skin as UK set for heatwave


Research carried out by Garnier earlier this year as part of their Sun Care Census also found that 14.4% of Manchester residents admit to never using sun care, despite 42% claiming they are more sun care conscious due to climate change.

Dermatologists are warning that we need to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays as the UK looks set to bask in a July heatwave, with temperatures predicted to soar above the year high to date of 28.8C (83.48F)*1 in the coming weeks.

But whether we’re enjoying the weather at home or in countries on the green list we are being urged to think more about daily sun protection as temperatures continue to rise and UV levels spike.

UVA and UVB are both types of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and have been linked to skin cancer. UVB is the main cause of sunburn, while UVA can cause premature skin ageing. UVB rays are blocked by glass, but UVA can penetrate that and clouds.

According to the UK Department of Environment and the MetOffice, UV levels rarely go above 7 on the Solar UV Index in the UK but last July and earlier in June this year, levels reached a record breaking 9 on the index. On a scale from one to 11, that is rare and "very high”.

This and the deliberate decline in sun protection use which has been highlighted in Garnier Ambre Solaire’s first Sun Care Census looking into the habits of 15,000 people across ten European countries.

45% of respondents from the UK say they’ve missed out on the sun over the past year, and consequently, a fifth intend to use less or no sun protection to catch up on sun, which experts are concerned will lead to a significant spike in skin damage.

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